Our Stylists

Our experienced stylists are here to serve you. We’re familiar with the latest trends if you’d like to try something new, but your wishes and requests always come first.


Below you can read up on the resumes of our top stylists. We’d love to get to know you personally, so stop by and meet us!

Shayne Wohl Morse(owner/stylist)



Shayne has been in the industry  for 18+ years.  She is a former color educator and has advanced training in many areas of hairstyling. Shayne's dedication and knowledge of her trade makes her  a well established and respected leader in her industry.


Amy Steenbuck (owner/Stylist)



Amy has a charismatic energy that makes her abilities really stand out.  She has 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry.  Having earned a fantastic reputation for consistency and professionalism, like no other.  With a background in precision haircuts and styling, Amy is also a master of hair coloring and curly hair.   

Kristin Villacara (Stylist)



Kristin is a stylist with the ability to communicate with her clients wishes and style needs.  She has 17+ years experience and advanced training in San Francisco, and other well known cities.  She is a master colorist and an expert in precision haircuts, as well as specializing in fine hair.  With an infectious personality, Kristin will make you look and feel fabulous! 

Sheila Abraham (Stylist)



formerly a stylist at Salon Cuvee, Sheila is professional and up to date on current hairstyles and trends. She is always seeking education so she can deliver the best results to her clients.

Robert Besso (stylist)





Heather Sathe




Tiffany Conklin